About Us

The mission and purpose of the Snow Owls Snowmobile Club is to:

  • Work with local landowners to provide designated routes for safe snowmobiling and encourage snowmobile operation on marked and accessible trails
  • Promote the sport of snowmobiling through the Cicero/Clay area and into Oswego County
  • Improve the image of snowmobiling by being a good neighbor
  • Promote courteous and responsible snowmobiling, and work with local officials to promote safe and lawful snowmobile operation
  • Participate in the development of multi-use trails in the towns of Cicero and Clay to increase the enjoyment of the sport and provide other recreational opportunities for our citizens
  • Develop and maintain a safe and comprehensive system of trails linked to those in other communities to provide access to the statewide trail system
  • Protect the natural environmental features found within the trail system
  • Cooperate with village officials and community organizations to improve the quality of life in the area
  • Provide a social activity centered around┬áthe sport of snowmobiling for┬áthe betterment of the community

Thanks for visiting our website. The Snow Owls Snowmobile Club is dedicated to the advancement of snowmobiling safety. By providing safe and environmentally-friendly trails to enhance the snowmobiling experience in the Cicero/Clay area, we hope to help promote the beauty and scenery of the area to enhance local tourism for the betterment of our citizen neighbors.

Nearly 80% of the snowmobile trails in New York are located on private lands. We appreciate the partnership with our landowners, and remind all snowmobilers to treat the trails- and the property owners- with respect. Landowners participating in the NYS snowmobile trail system are eligible for liability coverage under the blanket NYSSA insurance policy, at no cost to the property owner. Landowners allowing access to snowmobile clubs are also protected by the provisions of the NYS General Obligations Law and SRRA bill. The snowmobile club is responsible for proper trail signage and grooming.