03/03/2018 9:00AM – Trails are open with the exception of the trail along side Interstate 81
02/15/2018 8:44AM – All trails are CLOSED!
02/08/2018 8:57AM – Trails are open with the exception of along I-81 between RT 11 and RT 31. With the continuing snowfall we should resume grooming this weekend.
01/22/2018 7:19PM – All trails are CLOSED due to low snow conditions and flooding of trails.
01/18/2017 10:09pm – Snowmobilers, use great caution while ride the corridor trail between Rt 11 & Rt 31 along Rt 81 do to utility construction going on during the day light hours and there may be MUD MATS near or on the trail. This construction upgrade is ever changing while the crews head North from the Cicero ( RT 31) area. They have pre staged mats ahead of their work so no delay in work. Once they finish an area they will remove the mats from behind them and move them ahead. The crews will be placing their own Utility Work signs during work hours ONLY. Another situation that we need to pay attention is the area just North of rt 31 near where the gate is. There will be a crew doing boring under the ground and their equipment may be near or on the trail, this may go on for possibly a few weeks. SPEED LIMIT will be 25 MPH through the construction area and will be CAUTION signs placed very soon.

It’s up to everyone to make sure this a safe area to ride or we could loose it. If the crews deem it unsafe for them THEY WILL NOT HESITATE TO CLOSE THIS SECTION OF TRAIL DOWN UNTIL WORK IS COMPLETE.

On a more serious note concerning Down Power lines or just Down lines. NEVER go up to ANY line that is down ~ it may be live. Call 911 with your location and the nearest cross street or land mark and if you can get a pole # from the nearest pole away from the Hazard area. DON’T – DON’T ride your sled over down power lines
01/02/2018 7:45pm – Gulfstream to county trail in Pennelville and back has been groomed. We removed a few fallen trees. Found thin ice and broke through behind Peter Scott Rd. Please ride safe and pay attention to trails.
01/01/2018 3:01pm – East side of 81 has been groomed, low snow conditions throughout. A little of water is still unfrozen in the swampy areas.


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