03/10/2019 8:44pm – All trailes are closed due to lack of snow and open water.

03/03/2019 10:02PM – The entire trail system has been groomed!

03/03/2019 8:50PM – Trails from Cicero Center Road to Cicero and Borio’s groomed as of 3/2 evening, trails from Clay Firebarn to Pennellville groomed this afternoon.  Very low snow conditions, some small open water spots.  Grooming will be held off until we receive more snow.

02/28/2019 10:36pm – The whole trail system was groomed!  Only one open water hole on trail S70 to Borio’s.  It is accessible to go around.

02/19/2019 6:43pm – Trails are OPEN! Low snow conditions and some open, use caution.  Grooming will resume when we receive more snow.

02/04/2019 7:33pm – Trails are CLOSED! Low snow and open water.

01/19/2019 5:05pm – Trails are open. A few small water spots have been noted, and fields are low on snow.


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